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AttenuTech Radiation Protection Surgical Lead Free Gloves Radiation Protection Gloves

AttenuTech Radiation Reducing Safety Protective Gloves Lead Free Designed with industry-leading features and functionality for protection, comfort and performance during fluoroscopic procedures:

  • Maximum sensitivity and tactile feedback
  • Lead free, environmentally friendly
  • Latex free (latex sensitivity) reduces potential allergic reactions
  • Textured for grip and performance during procedures
  • Single use surgical style gloves

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Radiation Protection with Surgical Glove Performance




Personal Radiation Hand Protection - Reusable, Non-disposableFlexiMax Personal Radiation Hand Protection

  • Properly position your patient
  • Gloves Protect Your Hands and Lower Forearms
  • .50mm Lead Equivalent
  • Durable vinyl outer covering
  • Available Colors: Grey, Crimson, Blue
  • Washable inner liners
  • Replaceable inner liners and outer covers
  • One-Size Fits All (15” Length)

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Personal Radiation Hand Protection




MAXRAD®1-LF & MAXRAD®2-LF & MAXRAD®XTFMaxRad Radiation Reducing Gloves

  • Your Choice of 3 Styles
  • Excellent Sensitivity and Tactile Feedback
  • Reduces the Amount of Scatter Radiation to the Hands
  • Sizes 6.5, 7.0, 7.5, 8.0, 8.5, 9.0
  • Contains Lead
  • LF Gloves are Latex Free

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Sterile • Surgical Style • Disposable • Powder Free