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Does your Fluoroscopy Radiation Eyewear, Laser Protective Eyewear, and Safety Eyewear meet the new standards?

In 2008 new requirements and directives were published by OSHA which addressed and clarified important guidelines in relationship to Personal Protective Equipment (PPE). Safety Eyewear (both Radiation and Laser) is subject to these new requirements listed below.

New "General requirements" as part of Regulations (Standards - 29 CFR):
Eye and face protection. - 1910.133

  1. 1910.133(a)(4)
    Eye and face PPE shall be distinctly marked to facilitate identification of the manufacturer.
  2. 1910.133(b)(1)
    Protective eye and face devices purchased after July 5, 1994 shall comply with ANSI Z87.1-1989, "American National Standard Practice for Occupational and Educational Eye and Face Protection. " which is incorporated by reference as specified in Sec. 1910.6.

These new guidelines and requirements were to be implemented by May 2008. I'm pleased to inform you that the MicroLite® family of fluoroscopy radiation eyewear, laser protective eyewear, and safety eyewear meets the above new "General requirements" as all MicroLite® frames are stamped with the Z87 identifier as well as our distinctly recognizable MicroLite®logo.

Take a look at your current brand of fluoroscopy radiation, laser protective, and safety eyewear and see if it "measures up." If you have any questions regarding these new OSHA "General requirements" and standards, please don't hesitate to contact us contact us.

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