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The new FluoroDickie™ is designed to be worn "under" your apron top and provides protection for the Thyroid, Lateral Breast and Shoulders which are exposed to harmful radiation during imaging cases. The FluoroDickie™ provides “all-inclusive protection” in (1) single, easy to wear slip-on “under-skin” garment. It is protective, comfortable and does not restrict movement during imaging procedures while providing much needed protection for physicians and imaging personnel during imaging cases.


  • X-Small: Fits chest size 36” - 38”

  • Small: Fits chest size 38” - 40”

  • Medium: Fits chest size 41” - 43”

  • Large: Fits chest size 44” - 46”

  • XL: Fits chest size 47” - 50”

  • XXL: Fits chest size 51”- 54”

This product was conceived and designed here at AttenuTech® - Davis Lead Aprons for physicians and imaging personnel who are being exposed to harmful radiation unnecessarily during imaging procedures (as the clinical evidence shows).  The AttenuTech® Rad-Skinz FluoroDickie™ product is available for orders now.


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Add to Cart Rad-Skinz FluoroDickie BTS Breast Thyroid Shoulder radiation protection All Sizes: $299

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