AttenuTech Radiation Reducing Safety Protective Gloves Lead Free Designed with industry-leading features and functionality for protection, comfort and performance during fluoroscopic procedures:

  • Maximum sensitivity and tactile feedback
  • Lead free, environmentally friendly
  • Latex free (latex sensitivity) reduces potential allergic reactions
  • Textured for grip and performance during procedures
  • Single use surgical style gloves

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Radiation Protection with Surgical Glove Performance

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Personal Radiation Hand Protection - Reusable, Non-disposableFlexiMax Personal Radiation Hand Protection

  • Properly position your patient
  • Gloves Protect Your Hands and Lower Forearms
  • .50mm Lead Equivalent
  • Durable vinyl outer covering
  • Available Colors: Grey, Crimson, Blue
  • Washable inner liners
  • Replaceable inner liners and outer covers
  • One-Size Fits All (15” Length)

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Personal Radiation Hand Protection

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MAXRAD®1 & MAXRAD®2 & MAXRAD®XTFMaxRad Radiation Reducing Gloves

  • Your Choice of 3 Styles
  • Excellent Sensitivity and Tactile Feedback
  • Reduces the Amount of Scatter Radiation to the Hands
  • Sizes 6.5, 7.0, 7.5, 8.0, 8.5, 9.0
  • Contents lead and latex

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Sterile • Surgical Style • Disposable • Powder Free

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AttenuTech Radiation and Laser Protective Eyewear

Our company name reflects our commitment to developing and incorporating high performance attenuation technologies in products that shield and protect you in high risk surgical environments. AttenuTech products are available online at the familiar web site and also at

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