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Laser-X™ Radiation/Laser Combo Protective Eyewear

Protection from C-Arm and imaging fluoroscopy radiation PLUS laser protection in a single lens

LX-900 (Black) Fit Over frame can be worn as a primary frame choice or OVER personal Rx prescription eyewear

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LX-1000 (Silver) includes Softgrip™ nosepiece for comfort

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LX-66 (Matte Black) includes adjustable temple bars for customized fit

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Laser-X™ Frames

Revolutionary Laser-X™ architecture offers protection for radiation (fluoroscopy) and laser ranges (e.g.2100nm Holmium YAG wave-lengths) during spinal and other surgical procedures in a single frame.
  • Three unique frame styles accommodate a wide range of faces and head shapes
  • Excellent optical acuity, virtually no distortion in the operative field
  • One year warranty from date of sale
  • Accessory bonus: Protective case, micro-fiber bag (doubles as a cleaning cloth), ClickFit™ or Croakie-style retaining cord
  • Download Laser-X Information Sheet in PDF

Radiation Lens Features:

Lead Equivalent Lens:0.75 mm (+/- .05) Pb glass
Attenuation: 95% radiation reduction at 125 KVP Direct Beam (+/- 0.5)

Laser Lens Protective Ranges:

900nm-950nm: 4+OD80% VisibilityL-6 Rating
950nm-1000nm: 5+OD80% VisibilityL-6 Rating
1000nm-2400nm: 7+OD80% VisibilityL-6 Rating
2750nm-10,600nm:7+OD80% VisibilityL-6 Rating

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AttenuTech Radiation and Laser Protective Eyewear

Our company name reflects our commitment to developing and incorporating high performance attenuation technologies in products that shield and protect you in high risk surgical environments. AttenuTech products are available online at the familiar web site www.barrieronline.com and also at www.attenutech.com

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